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Marathon Runners


Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Improve your body's capacity to tolerate high intensity states. Optimize your inner dialogue to best support your performance in training and on the race course. Race faster and more efficiently without increasing the workload of your physical training.  Uniquely tailored to your needs and athletic goals, one-on-one training will deepen your capacity to harness the power of your mind-body system to optimally train and perform on race day.

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Working together to be set apart.

In addition to individual coaching and training, Kristen also offers small group training to athletes looking to improve performance through psycho-physical coaching. This can be a great option for teammates or athletes training for the same event/race, or for the athlete who is on a budget.

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When you need something else...

There may be times in life when optimizing athletic performance is the least of your concerns. Life transitions like starting a new job, becoming a new parent, starting or ending a relationship, or even just revisiting your life goals may all be times you choose to step away from competitive athletics. At such times, many people benefit from other sources of support. For information on more "traditional" services Kristen offers such as psychotherapy, personal training, or meditation instruction, please visit

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